Austerity Debate Workshop in Tunisia

Austerity Debate Workshop in Tunisia

As part of the upcoming campaign against austerity in the MENA region, Arab Watch Coalition (AWC) held its first strategic discussion in Tunisia on January 26, 2022. #End_Austerity_Tunisia  is targeting the current austerity policies and measures in the country.

Shereen Talaat, AWC Co-Director, facilitated the workshop that brought together AWC members  and local partners from the Tunisian civil society , along with Emma burgisser from Christian Aid representing  the #EndAusterity global campaign that AWC is active on. Emma  gave an overview of the application of the austerity  policies in the during the time of  COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, and the call of 500 organizations on IMF to stop promoting austerity.

Amine Bouzaiene from Al Bawsala, a Tunisian CSO, addressed the current Tunisian political context in which the negotiations with the IMF is conducted, and “Yezi Ma Rhantouna” the campaign Al Bawsala launched against austerity.

The debate focused on the structural difficulties in the public sector and the public enterprises, also the lack of transparency, accountability and  bad governance. Also touched the base on the definition of austerity on a global level and its reflection on local level, one of the Important issues that raised  during  the meeting was about the alternatives of those austerity measures which became a plan to addressed through the next level of this local campaign. 

The workshop concluded with the recommendation for the strategic planning workshop scheduled for February 2022, to launch the Austerity campaign in Tunisia afterwards. 


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