Arab Watch Coalition (AWC) finds it roots in a loose network of civil society actors who share the same social, economic and environmental concerns and worked together for years on these issues in the region.

AWC is officially founded on April 2018 in Beirut by 23 civil society representatives from 6 countries of the MENA region.

Who we are ?

A nonprofit organization registred in Morocco, whose Board of Directors are elected by members in the General Assembly every 2 years and they are representatives of their countries. AWC has an independant staff team.

Our Vision and Mission

AWC activates the role of the civil society and communities to influence the IFIs operations in MENA and shift towards their impact towards more inclusive, participatory, just and sustainable development.

We support civil society to IFIs operations by disclosing information, providing resources and access to accountability mechanisms.

We are a regional membership coalition of 28 civil society organizations in MENA whose watching the operations of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in the region to make sure that the development processes are inclusive, participatory, just and sustainable for all. We engage with of civil society, communities and right-holders to prompt their impact on the development processes and priorities.