Arab Watch Coalition Organises a Workshop for its Members with the World Bank Inspection Panel

Arab Watch Coalition Organises a Workshop for its Members with the World Bank Inspection Panel

The Inspection Panel took part in two virtual workshops in May to inform civil society and community representatives in the Middle East and North Africa region about the Panel’s mandate and operations.

As The Inspection Panel mention on its webpage :

The Panel has recently increased its use of virtual workshops as Panel members and staff continue working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On May 12 and 19, Senior Operations Officer Serge Selwan met virtually with community leaders and representatives of non-governmental organizations from Lebanon, Yemen, Morocco and Tunisia to explain the Panel’s history and its role, discuss changes to social and environmental accountability at the Bank recently approved by the Board of Executive Directors, and respond to questions. The virtual outreach sessions were organized with the Arab Watch Coalition.

The discussion touched on previous Panel cases and their outcomes. The participants inquired about the creation the Panel, steps to file a complaint, the Panel’s decision-making process, and the recent reallocation of World Bank funds to deal with the emergency stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. They also asked whether the inability of a project to deliver on its benefits could be considered a harm that could trigger a Request for Inspection and whether the Panel process can ensure remedy.
In recent weeks, the Panel has participated in multiple virtual workshops with civil society representatives in Southern Africa, West Africa and Latin America. Please contact the Inspection Panel at if you are interested in taking part in a virtual workshop.

The Panel will resume in-person workshops as the pandemic eases and the World Bank permits mission travel.

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