Arab Watch Coalition Members from Tunisia and Morocco Participated in IMF Maghreb Work Shop

Six members of Arab Watch Coalition (AWC), from Morocco and Tunisia, participated in The International Monitotry Fund ( IMF) Maghreb workshop in Rabat on November 7 & 8, 2019.
The IMF delegation presented their programs and recommendations for the Maghreb region. Civil society representatives from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Mauritania raised the issues of transparency, gender and equality and how they affect economic growth in the region.
On the second day of the workshop, AWC Co-Director, Shereen Talaat, sat at a panel with Mr. Jilali Kinzi, from the Moroccan Treasury department, and Mr. Jerome Vacher, IMF Resident Representative in Tunisia. The panel was about inclusive growth and was moderated by Mr. Nicholas Mombrial, IMF Head of the Civil Society Office. Ms. Talaat stressed on the importance of engaging civil society in Middle East and North Africa region, and in the Maghreb region in particular, in the efforts to fight corruption and promote good governance in order to achieve inclusive economic growth.
While AWC appreciates this opportunity for civil society to claim its seat at the table with the international institutions and the governments, more need to be done to reinforce the role of civil society as an important player in shaping the economic programs in the region toward more equity.